The complexity of the different elements of our business has led us to set up independent companies, which each handle distinct areas of responsibility.


Leveraging synergies - Increasing success

Our highly specialised companies have the advantage of always being able to access the resources and expertise of other businesses within the group, thus creating valuable synergy between the various business areas. We specialize in the acquisition and development of commercial real estate and are able to successfully undertake various roles – as property developer, owner and manager.

Services relating to construction and real estate come under the overall auspices of Dietz AG – the group’s more than 120 companies (as of June 30, 2022) cover all aspects, from project management through to marketing and property management. Developing our own assets is at the forefront of what we do, but we also provide impeccable services to third parties.

Our goals

Strong assets and growth: the corporate goals

Our clearly-defined goals are always at the heart of our business activities. Achieving our goals requires a carefully maintained balance between:

  • long-term business expansion and revenue growth
  • prudent growth of means and resources
  • risk management through diversification
  • consistent and dynamic capital management
  • ongoing process of acquisition and divestments
  • optimisation of legal and tax arrangements; and
  • a continuous process of innovation

Our focus on construction and real estate is just as important to us as is investing in properties with high profit potential.

We concentrate on active portfolio and real estate management, making acquisitions and disposing of assets. Real estate management starts with acquiring the property, on the basis of a professional market and location analysis. This could mean acquiring an individual property with high appreciation potential, constructing new buildings or taking over a real estate company.

Our approach to investment and development, especially when constructing new buildings, is based on conservative value appreciation forecasts, with the emphasis on solid financial planning. Our range of initiatives includes a high level of pre-letting to ensure that value is increased early in the process.

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We actively manage our portfolio by acquiring and supporting tenants, optimising operating costs, making the best use of space and utilising building reserves as well as activating dormant profit potential through renovation and modernisation. Our many years of experience, ongoing market review and disposal strategies with optimisation of tax arrangements are also key ingredients for successfully managing asset disposals.


Dietz AG is currently active in the following business sectors:

  • Real estate holdings
  • Real estate development
  • Real estate investment funds / specialist funds
  • Asset and property management
  • Planning, project management and construction

These sectors complement one another in the marketplace.

The dynamic development of equity investment gives the individual companies a significant revenue potential. Real estate - ideally held by a property company - offers substance, security, and steady growth through active portfolio management.

Our experience, drawn from projects since 2002, with an overall investment volume of more than €5.5 billion (as of December 2021), together with a balanced combination of different commercial real estate classes, ensures a broad spread of risk. When combined with long-term strategic action, it provides a tax-optimized business that also increases the fundamental value of the company.

Assets, security and steady growth

Starting with tenant-focused, tailor-made planning and development of a particular commercial property and combined integrated property management, the Dietz Group cover the entire value chain and life cycle of a property, with the clear goal of providing services that secure and increase value.

Philosophy & history

How a building services engineering company became a real estate group

More than 55 years ago, young electrician Helmut Dietz identified the need to provide building technology services to major industrial clients. He founded the first company of what is now known as the Dietz Group, Dietz Elektroanlagen GmbH, in 1964. The company attracted well-known clients right from the start, and to this day still provides services to leading German industrial companies. 

As early as 1968, the company gradually extended its range of services to cover comprehensive real estate projects in both the commercial and residential property sectors.

The early death of the company's founder and the arrival of Dr Wolfgang Dietz in 1992 played a significant role in influencing the further development of Dietz Elektroanlagen. This change, coupled with the events of the 1990s in Germany, paved the way for the company's dynamic yet controlled expansion of the skills and services it offers and the real estate it handles.

Planning the Future – Drawing from Experience

In the 2000s, building on the wide range of experience gained across various real estate sectors, the company began to undertake even larger commercial projects. This has resulted in its activities being refocused on construction and property management in the area of commercial real estate.

The company works in cooperation with a select group of highly capable partners in all areas of its business activities.

Our work focuses on the key elements of quality standards, quality control and quality assurance.

“Entrepreneurial success is not down to luck... it is the product of a professional analysis of every situation and the valiant pursuit of opportunity!”

Dr. Wolfgang Dietz, Chairman Dietz AG

Facts & figures

Head Office:
Darmstädter Straße 246
D-64625 Bensheim
Tel: +49-6251-7041-0
Fax: +49-6251-7041-45

Internet: | info(at)

Business sector:
Construction and real estate

Board of directors:
Dr. Wolfgang Dietz (CEO)
Dr. Hafez Balaei
Markus Engelmann

Supervisory board:
Lothar Klemm, Chairman
Dr.-Ing. Armin Kohler, Dr. Stefanie Dietz

Share capital:
EUR 3,000,000
Allocated 3,000,000 to the proprietor
Shares without par value

Share holding structure:
Dietz Holding GmbH
(Dietz family)

Public Relations:
Dr. Wolfgang Dietz | presse(at)

The Dietz Group in figures

> € 525 million 
Dietz Group equity
As of 31/12/2021
> € 830 million
total assets
As of 31/12/2021
> 120
subsidiary companies
As of 30/06/2022
> € 5.5 billion 
project volume since 2002


€ 3.74 billion 
assets under management

€ 1.84 billion
company investments
€ 1.894 billion *⁴

4.08 million m²
total site area
2.20 million m²
rental area
Project size based on transaction/property values (property value = market value where confirmed by a market value appraisal – otherwise the cost of acquisition; for projects, the extrapolated market value at the time of completion; as of December 2021)
Based on property value and ongoing projects in different execution phases
Incl. ongoing projects in different execution phases
*⁴ Rolling annual valuations by external experts

Executive bodies

Board of directors

wd bearb
Dr. Wolfgang Dietz
Lawyer, Bensheim
hb bearb neu
Dr. Hafez Balaei
Lawyer, Alsbach
me bearb neu
Markus Engelmann
Dipl.-Ing. architect, Bensheim


Supervisory board

Lothar Klemm
Solicitor and Notary, Minister of the state of Hessen (retired), Hanau

Dr.-Ing. Armin Kohler
Co-owner and Managing Director of Rechner Sensors GmbH, Lampertheim

Dr. Stefanie Dietz
Managing Director of Dietz Holding AG, Bensheim